Emmanuel Care – formerly known as Catholic Health Ministry of Saskatchewan

What is the SCHC?


We are the sponsorship organization established by the Catholic Church under Canon Law to accept ownership of facilities from Religious Orders thereby allowing the facilities to continue in the Catholic tradition of health care.

Where did we come from?

Between 1970 and 1976 seven out of twenty-eight Catholic hospitals were sold to the government of Saskatchewan or became municipal hospitals. In 1997, the Bishops of Saskatchewan created the Catholic Health Council of Saskatchewan, a non-profit organization set up to assume ownership and governance of institutions. In October 2000, under a new name, The Saskatchewan Catholic Health Corporation was conferred Public Juridic Person status under the Diocesan Right (Regina). (For a work to be identified as “Catholic” it must be related to a juridic person in the Church).

Who are we?

The Bishops of Saskatchewan are our owners. We currently administer thirteen facilities across the province.

What are our responsibilities?

Sponsorship is the witness, affirmation, support and vehicle whereby the gospel call to care for the sick, the poor, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable is protected, promoted and enhanced. We preserve and foster mission and values of Catholic health care, promote internalization of philosophy, and safeguard Catholic identity.